Dude CCR Mikrotik V 6.34

Setelah sekian lama mati suri NMS network monitoring System yang dikembangkan oleh mikrotik akhirnya sekarang release kembali .. pada v 6.34 sebelumya ada pada versi 6.34.rc45. Beberapa revisi pada V6.34 yang sebelumnya ada perbaikan bugfix dari v 6.33.5 yang realese pada 29 Januari 2016
What’s new in 6.34 (2016-Jan-29 10:25):

  • mipsle – architecture support dropped (last fully supported version 6.32.x);
  • dude – The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated;
  • dude – dude RouterOS package added for tile and x86 (CHR) architecture;
  • dude – package included by default to all CHR images;
  • dude – initial work on dude integration into RouterOS;
  • bgp vpls  – fixed initialization after reboot;
  • mpls – forwarding of VRF over TE tunnel stopped working after BGP peer reset;
  • ipsec – improved TCP performance on CCRs;
  • btest – significantly increased TCP bandwidth test performance;
  • winbox – fixed possible busy-loop on v2.x with latest 6.34RC versions;
  • cerm – allow to sign certificates from imported CAs created with RouterOS;
  • ldp – fix MPLS PDU max length;
  • net – improve 64bit interface stats support;
  • routerboard – print factory-firmware version in routerboard menu;
  • snmp – add oid from ucd mib for total cpu load OID;
  • winbox – add extra items automatically to multi-line fields if at least one of them is required;
  • winbox – implemented full ipv6 dhcp client;
  • winbox – update blocked flag if user changed blocked field in dhcp server lease;
  • mac-telnet – fixed backspace when typing login username;
  • sstp – allow ECDHE when pfs enabled;
  • lte – fixed info command for Cinterion EHS5-E modem;
  • fast-path – fixed kernel crash on on/off;
  • licensing – fixed that some old 7 symbol keys could not be upgraded;
  • ssh – fixed possible kernel crash;
  • console – fixed crash on creating variable with “?” in it;
  • chr – fix SSH key import on AWS;
  • crs212 – fix 1Gbps ether1 linking problem;
  • timezone – use backward timezone aliases;
  • lte – support serial port for DellWireless 5570;
  • lte – improved dhcp handling on interfaces that doesn’t support it;
  • ipsec – allow my-id address specification in main mode;
  • dhcpv6 client – fix remove when client reappears on restart;
  • default config – fix hAP lite with one wireless;    
  • firewall – added inversion support for “limit” option;
  • firewall – added bit rate matching for “limit” option;
  • firewall – improved performance for “limit” option;
  • dhcpv6-client – fix ia lifetime check;
  • ipsec – prioritize proposals;
  • ipsec – support multiple DH groups for phase 1;
  • netinstall – fix apply default config;
  • tile –  make sure that SFP rj45 modules that use forced 1G FD settings work correctly after system reboot;
  • wireless – added WPS buttons support on hAP and hAP ac lite;
  • upnp – added comment for dynamic dst-nat rules to inform what host/program required it;
  • webfig – recognize properly CHR;
  • chr – license fix for AWS and similar solutions;
  • arm – fix usb modem modules on ARM;
  • dhcpv6-client – fixed stopped state;
  • netinstall – sort packages by name;
  • firewall – do not allow to add new rule before built-in (reverted);
  • winbox – include FP in fast-path column names;
  • ipsec – fix phase2 hmac-sha-256-128 truncation len from 96 to 128. This will break compatibility with all previous versions and any other currently compatible software using sha256 hmac for phase2;
  • ssh, ftp – make read, write user group policy aware;
  • tunnel – fix keep-alive (introduced in 6.34rc);
  • cerm – show last crl update time;
  • quicket – support CAP mode on all existing wireless packages;
  • wlan – add united states3 country;
  • fast-path – fix locking issue which could lead to reboot loop (introduced in 6.34rc20);
  • userman4 – try loading signup files from db path first;
  • sstp – allow to limit tls version to v1.2 only;
  • chr – make tool profile work on 64bit x86;
  • dhcpv6-server – added binding server=all option;
  • hotspot – added html-directory-override & recognize default hotspot user;
  • hotspot – fixed export of default trial user;
  • hotspot – fixed memory leak on https requests;
  • winbox – allow to specify amsdu-limit & amsdu-threshold on 11n wifi cards;
  • winbox – added multicast-buffering & keepalive-frames settings to wireless interfaces;
  • CHR – implemented trial support for different CHR speed tiers;
  • dhcpv6-client – fix add route/address;
  • usb – enable ch341 serial module;
  • lte – make sure that both LTE miniPCI-e cards are recognized;
  • winbox – show Common-Name of certificates in certificate list;
  • winbox – added units to PCQ queue fields;
  • net – do not break connection when interface is added to bridge;
  • hotspot – show cookie add/remove events in hotspot,debug log;
  • hotspot – allow static entries with the same mac on multiple hotspot servers;
  • hotspot – do not remove mac-cookie in case of radius timeout;
  • hotspot – added byte limits option for default-trial users;
  • ipsec – make sure that dynamic policy always has dynamic flag;
  • CAPsMAN – use CAP name in log when remote-cap is deleted (wireless-cm2);
  • hotspot – fixed login by mac-cookie when roaming among hotspot servers;
  • hotspot – add html-directory-override for read-only directory on usb flash;
  • hotspot – add uptime, byte and packet counter variables to logout script;
  • net – fix statistics counters jumping up to 4G;
  • firewall – SIP helper update for newer Cisco phones;
  • usermanager – fixed usermanager web page  crash;
  • ipsec – fixed active SAs flushing;
  • hotspot – added option to login user manually from cli;
  • hotspot – fixed trial-uptime parsing from CLI to Winbox/Webfig;
  • lte – added support for multiple E3372 on the same device;
  • modem – added wpd-600n ppp support;
  • console – fixed incorrect disabled firewall rule matching to “invalid flag”;
  • dns – fix for situation when dynamic dns servers could disappear;
  • sfp – fix 10g ports in 1g mode (introduced in 6.34rc1);
  • CCR1072 – added support for S-RJ01 SFP modules;
  • trafficgen – fixed issue that traffic-generator could not be started twice without reboot;
  • dhcpv6-server – replace delay option with preference option.

wah banyak banget ya revisi dan penambahan fiturenya, so kembali lagi kita test untuk menginstal dude… pertama kali kita lihat dulu pada arsitektur apakah yang bisa di install , file dude dapat dilihat disini. Karena kita mau menginstal dude server di CCR jadi kita harus download dahulu filenya disini.
Sekarang kita tinggal upload file npknya di FILE di winbox, letakkan file di desktop, dan drag file tersebut ke tab file, letakkan lah di root atau tidak dalam folder lainnya,
Jangan lupa setelah di upload di reboot, dan hasilnya kita masih belum bisa kita pergunakan. Setelah reboot maka kita harus meng aktifkan dude nya dahulu, karena secara default dude tidak aktif, cukup dengan perintah

/dude set enable=yes

Setelah aktif dulu … jangan lupa ya install dude client nya di pc, untuk file downloadnya disini. Hasilnya seperti gambar dibawah ini, untuk login silahkan gunakan admin password [kosong] dan ip router ccr nya

hasil jadinya seperti ini… gunakan discovery untuk melihat semua jaringan anda secara otomatis, atau manual sesuai dengan keinginan kita. selamat mencoba.

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